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Property and Portfolio Management

The careful management of a property portfolio can help improve its profitability. This can be achieved through portfolio expansion, improving rental yields, or increasing capital growth. Monitoring overheads, minimising rental voids and strategic refinancing, also contribute to enhance portfolio performance.
Key Benefits

Offer broad diversification via a separately managed account crafted to your client’s personal goals. 

Tax-loss harvesting

Deliver tax advantages through direct ownership of the underlying securities. We harvest losses throughout the year—not just in Q4.

Responsible investing

Reflect your client’s values through personalization tools that make ESG investing easy and intuitive.

Equities and fixed income

Construct risk-managed exposures across a range of benchmarks specific to your client.

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Why partner with Mattisteam

Mattisteam offers end-to-end real estate data aggregation services that allow you to build and manage complex and expansive real estate database, helping you drive profitable business outcomes. In addition, our relentless focus on data quality, accuracy, and integrity helps us ensure delivery excellence.

  • Gather comprehensive real estate data across various sources to ensure complete coverage.
  • Track, process and build accurate, consistent, and up-to-date database.
  • Standardize real estate data for easy access, understanding and informed decision making.

Support better real estate decisions for your business in real-time

Finally – a software, data, and analytics platform built for CRE professionals, by CRE professionals that isn’t tied to your CRE brokerage. With RefineRE, you can align your organization’s real estate, people, and businesses on your terms.

What We Provide

Asset and Portfolio Management

Elevate transparency, manage risks and make informed decisions based on real-time asset data, which is fully integrated with financial and operational systems.

  • Modern, configurable search and navigation framework
  • Self-service, configurable dashboards and powerful ad hoc reporting to fit the needs of each stakeholder
  • Real-time business planning and monitoring capabilities
  • Chart of account normalization
Financial Modeling

Utilize flexible scenario modeling, comparisons and forecasting capabilities to support real-time valuations, enabling your team to make informed decisions.

  • Asset and portfolio underwriting/valuations
  • Connection to other platforms with real-time forecasting
  • Simple import and export functionality
  • International capabilities with 20 currencies and 5 languages 
Information Management

Get value from your data in less time. Tap into holistic data management driven by the most advanced technology to seamlessly integrate portfolio data from internal and external sources.

  • Automated ingestion, normalization and validation supporting multiple sources, formats and asset classes
  • User-friendly data governance, workflow and analytics
  • Comprehensive data validation engine
  • Modern approach leveraging machine learning and AI
Investment Accounting

Streamline accounting to boost returns from your real estate investments, all from a single, comprehensive platform with auditable workflows and exports.

  • Robust fund and investment accounting
  • Automated waterfall calculations
  • Integrated distribution management
  • Capital transaction processing and advanced consolidations
Investor Management and Reporting

Build credibility with transparent, insightful investor reporting through an open exchange of information on unique investor dashboards. Includes investor CRM, portal and document management.

  • Modern communication tools to engage current and future investors
  • Self-service performance dashboards/KPIs, returns, calculations and analytics
  • Pipeline tracking and fundraising automation
  • Automated waterfall calculations and custom statement generation
Market Data and Benchmarking

Benchmark, refine and optimize your investments, backed by at-a-glance performance insights.

  • Index benchmarking
  • Internal performance benchmarking
  • Third-party market information


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Property Manager
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It’s Easy to Get Started with Managed Services
Our Managed Services Team is here to ensure a smooth transition. We partner with your organization to provide technical expertise, remove common complexities, and make sure implementation, onboarding and ongoing data management and administration are successful—every step of the way.
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Our Commercial Property Team acts for a number of clients in relation to the management of their portfolios and has been involved in a number of high-profile transactions . Highlights include:-

  • acting for Waitrose Limited in relation to their occupier portfolio on numerous rent reviews.
  • acting for an offshore investment fund on the management of a Central London property portfolio in excess of £300m.
  • acting for National Deposit Friendly Society Limited on the acquisition and disposal of properties across the country and advising on the day to day management of its property portfolio including the grant of leases, licences for alterations, deeds of surrender, dilapidations and lease renewals.
  • advising a national welfare to work provider on the day to day management of its 200 plus UK property portfolio, including lettings, sublettings, consents, exit strategies, dilapidations and lease renewals.
  • acting for Jelf Group plc on their national occupier portfolio.
  • advising Scottish Equitable on a wide variety of landlord and tenant issues, including sales and acquisitions, lettings and sublettings, licences for consent, business lease renewals, dilapidations and tenant insolvency throughout their nationwide commercial property portfolio.
  • acting for BAM Nuttall Limited on various property management matters for over 18 years and dealing with transfers, dilapidations, negotiating and granting of commercial leases for both buildings and land, break notices as well as general day to day management advice.
  • acting for name brand retailers where the portfolio comprises numerous leasehold high street shops, distribution centres and offices. 


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